Thirty under $30

Virtual styling on Forever 21. Thirty accessories/shoes/jewellery under $30 each.

10. Woven Ballet Flats $16.80

14. Wool Cowboy Hat $11.99
20. Faux Fur Stole $16.99
25. Pointed toe Pumps $22.80

27. Polka Dot Flats $16.80
28. Tweed Fedora $9.99
30. Floral Silk Scarf $12.80

For Australians the upside of Forever 21 is that the shipping is very fast and the products are cheap. The downside is shipping is very, very, very expensive (over $50) and you can only have 10 products per shipment. However, if you look at the savings you make it can be well worth it.


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